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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Hah! Unusually reliable.

Hah! The unusually reliable sources lived up to their billing - sources for which it is unusual to be reliable. Recent consistories held in late February have been on 21st, allowing the Mass of the Rings to be held on the 22nd's feast. The consistory on 21st February 2001 was announced at the Sunday Angelus on 21st January, that on 21st February 1998 was similarly announced at the Angelus on 18th January. It is reported that preparations are already afoot for celebrations in Rome for the 22nd.
In other news, Famiglia Christiana reports they will publish our Holy Father's encyclical on 25th January Famiglia Cristiana Home Page, according to a question-marked and therefore not entirely sure headline in Catholic World News (CWN).


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