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Sunday, November 26, 2006

Great Glee

Great Glee is expressed at Abp Marini's commentary on the Byzantine liturgy - "The priest and all the faithful look to the East, whence Christ will come again in glory. The priest intercedes before the Lord for his people; he walks at the head of the people towards the encounter with the Lord. At different moments the priest turns to the people: for the proclamation of the Gospel, for the dialogue preceding the [Canon of the Mass], for the communion with the holy gifts, and for all the blessings. These symbolize moments in which the Lord himself comes forth to meet his people."Apostolic Journey to Turkey: Presentation

Why, it's almost as if he has both read and understood "Turning Towards the Lord" from Ignatius Press - 2004 - Fall

Head-garment tip to L'espresso Settimo Cielo di Sandro Magister


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