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Monday, December 31, 2007

Some Quiz Answers

7 a Marini
b Marini
c Marini
d Marino

8 Sitting amongst the clergy at the Mass of the Rings

9 Through a car park

10 Abp Ranjith

11 (this answer has been removed at the request of its subject)

12 Aula della Benedizione

13 a Hermeneutic
b Sedia Gestitoria
c Capo d'ufficio

14 Guitar

15 a 11 Prefaces, and 25 Saints of the Universal Calendar
b as far as the Pater Noster

16 a In the floor of St Peter’s Basilica
b twice

17 Broke the embargo

18 Villa Strich, Rome

19 A Papal Bull

20 Cheeses of the seaweed

21 One, counting the Capo d’Ufficio

22 Three Popes in St Peter's Square at the same time


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