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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Habemus Miracolo

Rendiamo Grazie a Dio

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Splendid words from Fr Symondson

"As an outsider who was only able to watch the recent papal visit to America on the EWTN replays I think it has been the most impressive, grace-endowed papal event I have witnessed. I longed to be there. The Holy Father did not put a foot wrong pastorally, liturgically and politically. But it was his recollection throughout the week, something which cannot be counterfiet, that was so edifying. Television cameras rarely miss a detail and it was like seeing him under a microscope. He was so natural in comparison with the professionalism of his entourage, not only at the altar but all the time. I realize that this might appear to be a superficial reaction but his presence held everything together. Yet it was not personality driven. His humility was manifest.

Above all, liturgically the Masses and Vespers demonstrated what can, and should, be achieved. Of course there were glitches but the overall superiority in comparison with earlier visits, was there for all to see. Even the unfortunate music in Washington might be seen to have proved useful in making a marked contrast to what followed. Critics will always be found and some will never be satisfied. That is the curse of hobbyism. Liturgy on that scale is rarely perfect, look at the chaos of pre-Vatican II papal ceremonies in Rome as examples. Instances proliferate on YouTube. But I hope that this visit will build a foundation for future visits elsewhere and encourage the Church to look more attentively at what is happening at papal Masses and liturgical events in Rome.

Twenty years ago I would never have believed that what has been accomplished during the last three years would be possible. The Holy Father had transformed the reform of the reform from dilletantism and isolated endeavour to reality. In doing so he has realized the expectations and longings of thousands.
Anthony Symondson SJ"

from The New Liturgical Movement

Monday, April 21, 2008

O Glory, O Glory !


Grazie Santità per questi sei giorni vissuti con Lei ed arricchiti dalle Sue forti e meravigliose parole. Grazie a Dio per la protezione del nostro Papa, tornato a casa!

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Subject always to the definitive judgement of the Apostolic See

Our Holy Father, now gloriously reading