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Sunday, November 26, 2006

The A of C at the VEC

Carrying the rank style and title of an archbishop without actually being one is a small difficulty for a man of the standing of Lord Dr Williams the Archmister of Canterbury and to some extent that difficulty can only have been assuaged by a so far unreported event last week at Rome's Venerable English College wherein the cream of seminarians from England and Wales hearts beat high with joy whene're they heard those glorious words that they were to polish up the College's best relics of the College Martyrs New Page 1 so that Lord Dr Williams might read the anglican service of communion in front of them and surge illuminare: Tarmac our Bishop.

Oh, the irony of humility (or should that have been humiliation?)

In fact, two steps closer to the actuality,the Devout life
( reports -
The Archiepiscopal consort is also in residence. This morning (22nd), whilst the seminarians of the college were at morning prayer in the church, Rowan did a bread service at the main altar of the chapel; the relics of the English Martyrs had been specially taken out and polished and placed in the chapel for him. Cardinal Cormac was reportedly with in attendance.

How those Saints must be pleased that according to a certain reading of things they shed their blood for nothing.

Though the English College Seminarians wince at the whole horrible thing, at least they don't have to suffer the indignity of 1966 when...

"...we all gathered in the English College courtyard to bid farewell to the archbishop (Ramsay) and his colleagues. The Senior Student asked the archbishop to give us his blessing. We all knelt down to receive it. As you read this you are probably thinking this was no big deal. But this was 1966 and here were 90 Catholic seminarians in Rome, all in their cassocks, kneeling down to receive the blessing from the Archbishop of Canterbury."

Well, how we have moved on. Doubts are expressed that 90 Catholic seminarians could now be mustered in the courtyard of the VEC, and in any case would the rectory allow them to muster in crypto-papalist cassocks?


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