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Friday, April 14, 2006

The Liberian Chapel speaks very highly of itself

"Also striking is the participation of the singers at the Palm Sunday and Corpus Christi processions and during the liturgical celebrations of Holy Week. In the last decades, unfortunately, under the fanatic pretext of abiding to the dictates of the Second Vatican Council, often widely misunderstood, there has arisen a progressive and deleterious rejection of the sound choral practice in favour of “modern” musical forms with the illusive intent to render the liturgy more up-to-date and attractive. In this difficult panorama the Liberian Chapel places itself as a bulwark of the most authentic and genuine Roman tradition which has given so much to the world of music, and whose patrimony cannot and must not be forgotten. The signs of great esteem and appreciation offered by the Archpriest Cardinals who succeeded one another in the last thirty years and by the whole Chapter, as well as by several admirers and friends, motivate the Master, the collaborator masters and all the singers to persevere in their mission as witnesses of sacred musical art." (Emphasis not in the original)
The Patriarchal Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore
It shall have been interesting to see such comments expressed so trenchantly on an official Vatican website.


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